Monday, March 19, 2012

Landon is 18 Months Old!

Landon, you turned 18 months old on Friday! I can't believe how big you are getting. You are ALL boy. You like dirt, rocks, sticks, cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
You also LOVE balls and balloons. I have a feeling you will be in t-ball early because you have an amazing throw. Your favorite sound is "vroom" and you like to yell everything. You are such a sweet cuddly boy too. You love to wave and say "hi" real quietly to all strangers. You are gradually saying new words and I have a feeling your vocabulary is about to explode very soon (according to the doctor). You can get frustrated easily because of the lack of communication, and sometimes you hit or bite, but we are working on that. You know what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do, and you can give me a certain look that shows me that! You are a little stinker, always getting into everything but you love to run and greet people with big hugs and slobbery, open-mouth kisses. You usually wake up happy and sometimes want to just cuddle. I love that about you. You are still a momma's boy but you have also become very independent. You are fine when I leave you somewhere like the nursery or with a babysitter, and just say "bye" to me and start playing. You sleep 11-12 hours straight each night and still take 2 naps a day. I am one blessed mommy!
You love your sister to death and are pretty much inseparable. You like to play with her and chase her around as well. Sometimes you chase her against her will and she runs away screaming. You are the typical little brother. You love to play on playgrounds but you are still getting the hang of gravity. You haven't quite figured it out completely. As a result, you tend to get a lot of boo-boo's and many bruises on your legs and forehead. You are tough, though! You still love brooms, mops, vacuums, or anything else that I am supposed to clean with-resulting in me NEVER doing any housework. You are still the messiest eater I've ever seen and I spend most of my day cleaning up your messes. You are doing better holding your spoon and fork though. You will pretty much eat anything and everything, but not a whole lot of it. However, you do know how to relax on the couch with a spoon of Nutella.
You have not been to the doctor yet, but will soon. To me you are still little, especially since you'd rather be down running around and playing instead of eating. You are a complete joy to us and life would be somewhat boring without you! You have such a fun personality and you always find a way to make things interesting. You are such a sweet little boy and we love you so much!

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