Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Madisonisms (and her Modeling Pictures)

 Landon was playing with her sunglasses and she was helping. He put them on upside down.
Madison: They're upside down, my sweet pea!
Climbing a tree outside:
Madison: This is a really good climber. But my feet are slipper-ly.
Me: Madison, are you ready to go upstairs and go night night?
Madison: No, not yet. I'm picking my nose.

Madison: Mommy, I want a banana costume. Can you buy me that?

Got up out of bed one night and was standing near her door calling me.
Me: What are you doing up??
Madison: My toe itches.

Playing in my bathroom, coughing, then starts running to her room.
Madison: I'm coughing. I need to go get my hair did.

Pretending to sing into her "mic" and raise those hands in worship on stage at church.
These pictures just show what her personality is like lately...a little ham :)

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