Thursday, February 16, 2012

Landon is 17 Months Old!

Landon, today you are 17 months old! I can't believe that your sister was this age when you were born! (Well, almost 18 months, which is what I tell everyone). Seems so crazy to me but we made it! You are an absolute blast and have the best, most fun personality. You are a stinker and are still into everything you can find.
You can say quite a few words now but don't choose to use them all that often. You still like to do your manly grunts to communicate, but that can only last for so long! You love to shake your head "no" and say "all done" quite a lot. You are still a wonderful sleeper, still taking 2 naps a day and sleeping at least 12 hours straight a night.

You have quite an arm on you when you throw. I'm thinking you may be a pitcher like your daddy! I know you are over 22 pounds and in about 18 month clothes and size 5 shoes. It's funny to me to see the gap of clothes sizes between you and your sister narrowing as you get so big! You love her to death but also love to pick on her when she's not in the mood to play, such as when she wakes up grumpy from a nap. You love to chase her and you love to growl like a lion. You LOVE cars and motorcycles and anything that goes "vrrroom."

You are all boy but you are my cuddly baby still. You are soooo very affectionate and give lots of hugs and kisses. You like to snuggle right before naps and bedtime. You have a very soft ducky blanket that you sleep with, and you like to snuggle with me with the blanket over your head. Sometimes you can't go to sleep until you have dumped all the toys and blanket from your crib, though. You attempt to blow your own nose, brush your teeth, and feed yourself. You love to eat a wide variety of foods but not a whole lot since you're so busy playing. You love to talk to Daddy on the phone and say and wave bye-bye.
 You love your yogurt.
You go to the nursery quite a lot and do great-you don't cry when I drop you off anymore. You typically start up if you happen to see me though. Although one time you were sitting in your little chair at the table eating your goldfish, and refused to come to me to go home until you finished your goldfish. You're still a momma's boy, though!

You've been drooling like crazy for a couple of weeks now. We're having to bring another shirt with us wherever we go because of your teething-you have a soaked shirt within a few minutes. You are finishing up getting 6 teeth at once. That makes 18 teeth total. Only some two-year molars to go and you're done! You and your sister have always been insane with how many teeth you get so early.

This is your "cheese" face. Notice the drool bib.
I can't believe that in one month you'll be halfway to 2 (from 1). Sometimes I wish you would just slow down! You get more fun everyday, and are such a great playmate for your sister. I'm so thankful for you and I love watching you grow!!

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