Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daddy's Birthday and Valentine's Day 2012

I'm so late in posting this but wanted to at least post a few pictures. Daddy's birthday is on Valentine's Day so we celebrated several times! He had a couple dinners out, plus we did Valentine's Day with the usual candy and chocolates. It was fun to see Madison getting into it this year, as her preschool class got to do a Valentine exchange. Of course her Valentines were Disney Princess. Here she is helping write all her classmate's names.

She later came home with a stash of Valentines and candy and such. Then she and Landon got even more from Mommy and Daddy...here's all the loot. This was quickly demolished in a few days' time. We are serious about chocolate in this family.

For one of Daddy's dinners for his birthday, he got to celebrate at La Parrilla. Here he is in his Mexican hat.

And of course everyone else wanted a turn with it on.

Here's the birthday boy and 2 of his Valentines.
and a sweet video for Daddy on his birthday....

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