Friday, February 3, 2012

Clearly Fresh Bags Review

I normally don't do a lot of reviews or anything on this blog, but I have shared some products I've used before and really loved. I was recently contacted by Clearly Fresh Bags and sent a free pack of them in exchange for an honest review, and this is something that is practical and worth a review in my opinion.

Clearly Fresh Bags are bags that claim keep your produce fresh 50% longer. I know I'm not alone in the fact that I hate buying fruits and veggies all the time since they can go bad so quickly. However, Madison and Landon LOVE their fruits and veggies and when I saw Clearly Fresh Bags I have to admit, I got kind of excited. It's rare that we finish all the fruits or veggies we buy and we're basically throwing money away. So I tested them out for 11 days. I have to admit, I am VERY impressed! I normally wouldn't keep bananas for that long, but for the purpose of seeing how well they work, I did. They recommend storing bananas up to 9 days at the most, which is still a really long time!
Clearly Fresh Bags use a technology called BreatheWay, through this little patch on the front:

For comparison's sake, I left out 1 banana on the counter like I normally would store it, and put all the others in a Clearly Fresh Bag. I did an apple too, but those take longer to go bad, so I focused on the banana. Here is Day 1:

And here is Day 11:

Amazing, huh? They're from the same bunch. The one on the left was kept in the Clearly Fresh Bag for 11 days, the one on the right just sat on my countertop for 11 days.
These bags have come to my rescue and the kids are enjoying their fruits every day!

What's also awesome about these is that they are very inexpensive! They come 10 to a pack, and they are all reseable, reusable, and recyclable! You can go to their website and order some there! I have found myself buying more produce now that I have these bags, because I know that it will now get eaten before going bad. Hooray!

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