Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

It's been awhile since I've done Wordless Wednesday. We're all trying to get back in our routines, with everything starting back. Busy lives, here we come again.

Finally able to do another hairstyle with Maddie. Her hair is getting long but you can't tell because the bottom curls up sometimes. When it's wet in the bath, it actually lays on her chest in front and down her back. Amazing. And the longer it gets, the redder it looks/the more she stands out. People pay good money for that hair color!
But check out the little curl at the ends. This child has perfect hair and I'm kinda jealous!
I took her out for some Mommy/daughter time while Brad kept Landon. We had a playdate with some friends at DacKids then hit the mall to exchange something. We indulged in a little Chick-fil-A before we left.

Here's my sweet baby boy. Notice the bruise on his head. That's normal these days. He was dancing with Madison and suddenly they hit, face to face, HARD. His forehead looked like it had a golf ball poking out. Luckily his carpet burn scab on his nose was already gone, but then he got another at the top of his forehead later on. A few scratches here and there too. I am beginning to learn what it's like to have a little boy. Someones going to think we beat our kids or something. (we don't, I promise!)

He's still pretty stinking cute though. My kids are blessed to inherit their good looking Daddy's genes.

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