Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Madisonisms

One morning, she was up somewhat early, so she came to my bed and slept in a little bit with me. I'm still half asleep when she pops her little head up:
Madison: It's time to wake up, honey!!

Another morning, when she REFUSED to get up out of bed, I was having to drag her while she giggled. Then I threatened to eat her.
Madison: No, no!
Me: Yes, you look tasty, so yummy. I'm gonna eat you if you don't get up!
Madison: No! I'm not tasty or yummy! hehe
Me: Yes, you are. (I pretend to start eating her arm or leg.)
Madison: No Mommy!!! We don't eat PEOPLE!

I gave her her vitamin with breakfast one morning. She LOVES her vitamins and always wants more.
Madison: Only 1 bite? I said I wanted 2 bites!!
Me: Nope, sorry. We can only have 1 vitamin a day.
Madison: Pooooooor Madison.
Spending plenty of time in timeout lately...I remember standing in the corner a LOT growing up. Don't ask why they're both shirtless. I'm lucky to get a picture of them with ANY clothes on.

Riding in the car with my parents, as they took the kids to my grandparents' house. She was critiquing my dad's driving.
Madison: No, don't stop!
My dad: Are you being a backseat driver?
Madison: No, I not driving this car!!

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