Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Madisonisms

I'm late getting these up tonight, as Brad and I celebrated our first date 8 years ago today. Amazing how different our lives are 8 years later! It was a wonderful day though, I'm so blessed!

Madison's preschool teacher, Mrs. Kelly, also attends our church, and she told me that Madison came running up to her at church last week and exclaimed:
"Mrs. Kelly, it's a JUNGLE over there!!"
(I don't know where she gets this stuff)

Playing with one of my scarves as I cleaned out my closet, wrapping it around herself:
Madison: I LIVE for fur!! (in a Cruella deVille voice from 101 Dalmations)

This morning, waiting on the rain to die down at preschool in the parking lot, Landon was trying to hit her.
Madison: NO Landon, NO HITTING! DON'T hit me! Throw the baby in the fire! I throw my babies in the fire.
She's talked about throwing her baby dolls in the fire before...yikes..I honestly have no idea.

Walking into a room full of toys everywhere:
Madison: Hey! I made a beautiful mess! I love messes!

On the way home somewhere, she had picked her nose til it was red.
Me: Don't pick your nose, it'll hurt and bleed and you'll be sad.
Madison: (crying) But I'm ALREADY sad!
Come on (boogie), come out please!!

Gave me a kiss.
Madison: I kiss your cheek, I not kiss you on the lips.When I get married, I kiss on the lips like a princess. I kiss my bigger prince. Like Ariel. and her prince.

Told me to be a monster and roar, so I did.
Madison: You a mama monster. and Landon's the baby monster.
Me: OK, well then who are you? Are you a monster?
Madison: Ummmmmm........probably princess monster.

Madison: We going to the mall!! I LOVE the mall!! Woohoo!! I'm so excited!!!
.....Mommy, where we going?

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