Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pre-Christmas Happenings and Pictures, 2011

Here is a ton of pictures that I should have put up a long time ago. We've been so busy (story of our lives) but I finally have everything done so I was able to get some pictures up.

Some of the crew in our Sunday School at our Tacky Sweater Christmas party.
 I got a hula duster thing as my white elephant gift. Funny since I never dust! (I'm a terrible housewife, I know)
Me and my sweet girl
I made this in MOPS one day. A little nativity we painted and glued out of clay pots. So cute! (We used Madison's preschool teacher's idea, hers were the model)
Maddie brought this home from school one day. She was very proud now that's it's on our tree!
Madison and Audrey after church one Wednesday night. BFF's! They are supposed to be the flower girls in our friends' wedding next year!
Doing a little curtsy in her dress.
She was watching Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas, eating red velvet cookies and chocolate milk. Oh so rotten! But that is the life of a princess.
We went to see Christmas lights one night...yes, these are only a small part of just 1 person's yard...
and more in their yard...
Then we went to eat some Yogli Mogli...
We spent some time imitating statues at the Avenue...haha
And getting our picture taken with reindeer...
We like spending time with Jon and Chelsea too! The babies love them.
Me and Chelsea in front of the HUGE Christmas tree at the Marietta Square. It was very cold we got ice cream..haha.
We made some homemade gifts for preschool teachers and fitness instructors...
And Madison made homemade cards for her preschool teachers. She drew each one of them all by herself. Her little people crack me up.
Landon has just been hanging out enjoying the ride. My kids love their veggies and noodles.
This concludes all the stuff we've been busy with lately...I think!

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