Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Madisonisms

I'm behind on these, but these are some of the best from the past couple of weeks. This kid seriously cracks me up.

After disobeying me, she looks at me and notices my serious face.
Madison: That's not happy. Make a happy face!!

After watching 101 Dalmations, I was singing Cruella De-vil.
Madison: I don't like it when you sing, Mommy. It makes me saa-ad. (southern, 2 syllable Saaaa-ad)

Me: Whatcha doing, Maddie?....... Huh?...........Whatcha doin?
Me: Oh, sorry.

Pointing to Landon...
Madison: This is my prince. I got a..a...I dunno what it called........I got a ring pop for Landon. I bought it at Walmart.

Sitting on potty doing her business.
Madison: Poopoo hurts.
Me: What? Are you hurting?
Madison: Yes, poopoo hurts and peepee tickles.

Riding in car, looking at her finger.
Madison: No, no!!
Me: What? Your finger?
Madison: Yes, my finger. He was hitting. He in timeout!!

Driving home from the store, I turned and we could hear the groceries slide.
Madison: Ohhh shoooot! We just drop the groceries!!!
(We can blame the "oh shoot" on Daddy)

Madison: My tummy hurt, I need chocolate to make it feel better.
Me: That's because you didn't eat your breakfast! How about a banana?
Madison: Yes, I want a babana, like a macaw. A macaw from Diego. 
(apparently macaws eat bananas, I mean, babanas)

I was in kitchen, Brad disappeared.
Me: Where's Daddy, Madison?
Madison: I dunno.
Me: Is he upstairs?
Madison: Yea, probably. Probably goin poop.

Madison: I want tea.
Me: We only have chocolate milk and apple juice. What do you want?
Madison: Butter.


Amish Stories said...

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Amanda said...

Love the Madisonisms! Especially the poop one. :)

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