Thursday, December 22, 2011

Madison's Preschool Christmas Party

I love the fact that Madison is in such a great preschool with fun Christmas parties, birthday parties, etc. We got to experience our first Christmas party and it was so much fun! (It doesn't hurt that we LOVE her teachers!) They had yummy food and ice cream, and presented us with gifts and a song.

Saying the blessing with Ms. Kelly
 Pizza, chips, chicken nuggets, cheese, etc. And what is the only thing my kid wants to eat? Carrots.
 Singing and playing their Jingle Bells. The only kid missing was a little boy who Madison loves to talk about. I think he's her boyfriend. He IS adorable. Too bad he wasn't there!
A short video of Jingle Bells.
 They also made a craft with the parents. I'm so glad Daddy was able to get off work and come too. She is blessed to have such an involved daddy.
 Her teachers gave them all a gift too.
 The book she got!
 This is the present they made for the parents. So sweet!
 A better view. I love this.

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