Monday, December 19, 2011

Landon is 15 Months Old!

Landon, you turned 15 months old Friday! And you are the cutest stinkin little thing. Your middle names are destruction, trouble, mischievous, etc. But you are so sweet too. You are a little cuddle bug when you are not running around busy. You are obsessed with vacuum cleaners (real and play) and bellybuttons. Those are your two favorite things. Balls can be pretty fun too. You love your sister and love to play with her, but also love to pick on her too. I can't believe that when your sister was your age, she started going on the potty every day. I don't feel like you are anywhere close to that but you at least sat on it for a minute tonight!
 Love! ALWAYS someone to play with!

You just got your first molar this past month and prefer food you can feed yourself. You typically eat more than your sister. I know you have at least 9 teeth but I haven't examined lately to see if there are any more coming in. I think there are but I am not going to risk losing my finger, little piranha boy!

 I say "smile", this is what I get:
 Your hair is getting long and thick, but hasn't quite filled in all the way on top yet. As soon as it does, you're gonna have to get a haircut. It's crazy looking 99% of the time.
You've been sick with a cold from your sister for almost a week now. We had your 15 month check up today and surprise-the doctor said your cold gave you a mild double ear infection! We had no idea since you seemed fine and happy, just congested. This is a first for our family-you nor your sister have ever had an ear infection before. So we started Amoxicillin tonight. You are also a little peanut. Your formerly 90th percentile in weight has decreased to about 7-10%! You weigh 21 pounds and are 30 inches tall (formerly 50th percentile now down to 17th). Your head size is still slightly above average. The doctor said it's completely normal to slow down in weight at this age and it is also due to genetics. Your sister did the same thing! You are busy, busy, busy, even running around the exam room in the doctor's office opening cabinets and knocking down trash cans while Mommy was trying to talk to the doctor. You are overall a happy, healthy boy and we love you so, so, so much!

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