Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

much better.

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas this year! The kids are so much fun and I love watching them open their presents. We are so blessed to have wonderful families all around us so we can spend Christmas with everyone each year. On Christmas Eve Eve, we had my extended family's dinner and gifts. On Christmas Eve, we got to spend some time with my parents and brother and sister-in-law who were in from Athens. Then later we attended our church's Christmas Eve Candlelight service. After that we had gifts and supper with Brad's parents and also made cookies for Santa! On Christmas morning, Landon was up early but we had to wake Madison up! Because Christmas was on a Sunday this year we of course had to get to church. We opened presents, ate our breakfast casserole and then got ready. It was SO nice having Daddy home to help us get ready for church on a Sunday morning! He is usually at church before we even get up, and I have to get the kids and myself ready, fed and in the car on time each Sunday. It was much more relaxed going to church as a family. After church we headed out to Newnan while the kids napped in the car. We celebrated with Brad's family and opened gifts and even more food. Then we headed to my parents' house for dessert. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

I loved celebrating the birth of our Savior and I love how Madison is beginning to understand that Jesus is really what Christmas is all about. She can tell you that Christmas is when Jesus was born in Bethlehem (and that Mary and Joseph rode a donkey and Jesus was born in the hay in a manger, etc.) She loves talking about "Baby Jesus" all the time. We are so proud of her! She loves to teach Landon everything she knows too.

I have a TON of pictures so I've just chosen a few from each day. I got my number one thing on my list, a nice new camera! Brad is soooo good to me, and I am having so much fun taking pictures of my babies. I got it on Christmas morning, so the pictures may look slightly better starting then! (although i am clueless about it and am having to teach myself! and the first 4 I stole from Belinda so those are always awesome)
Big sister helped little brother open all his presents.
In case you're wondering why he's pants-less, Landon has the most pee of anyone I know. It's not uncommon to pee through his pants, and waking up wet overnight is typical too. His pants were in the dryer. It's ok, he's cute.
 Downright wild child.
Madison's #1 thing on her was a Tinkerbell doll. She got 2 different ones!!
Blending in with the wrapping paper...
Cookies for Santa! (In her Dora birthday dress, which later was switched out for her Tinkerbell dress)
The kids got hand me down power wheels from awesome is that? They love them!

Brett and Madison
Green icing from a cupcake
Supposed to be just Brad and I but someone else snuck in because she can't resist a good picture....
Yes, she is a ham.

And of course you knew I couldn't resist a few pictures from my new camera...

She was outside feeding the birds with her princess houseshoes on. That's the way to do it.

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