Friday, December 30, 2011

Carnivore in the Bath

Completely forgot to post these! I feel like Landon will forever be in the oral's the little carnivore.


Judy said...

How do you upload pictures, and make the blog look so nice? I just started a blog, and it sure looks wooshy, compared to this beautiful one, with all the tabs and things, but then again, I know nothing about this short of thing, being a 64 year old mom/grandma, trying to learn as she goes : )

Judy said...

Two of our nine children are red heads, but then since two are little saints in heaven, we may have more than two with red hair : )

Erin said...

Hi Judy! Thanks so much! If you go up to the top right of your blog, there should be a link that says "Design." Just click on that and you can do lots of stuff!
Yes, I love my little redhead!

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