Monday, November 7, 2011

This and That: A Hodge-Podge Post

I promise we are still here! Just been busy as usual. Enjoying the beautiful weather and the start of the holiday season. So excited!

 We've been shopping, playing, modeling new clothes...
 Spending an awful lot of time in our carseats...
 I've also been slightly addicted to Pinterest for the last several months. What a time sucker. But I've made lots of fun stuff, here's one I recently did:

 Also been shopping some more Halloween clearance. Walmart this time. A whole $1.24 for butterfly wings and tutus. As if she didn't already have enough tutus!

I also started a fitness class at Madison's preschool. They offer childcare for Landon as well, several times a week. One of the trainers is insane but it feels so good to be sore the next day! I love it, even if I sweat like a pig for an hour and a half straight! And meet my new Camelbak water bottle. It's my best friend when I'm there. Beats buying plastic water bottles too.
 Landon has been great too. Just hanging out, playing, almost running now. He's doing slightly better with separation anxiety now that he's into more stuff. He's keeping shoes on too, which is always a plus in cold weather.
We also got a membership to Costco. I know that it isn't cheapest to buy in bulk as opposed to couponing at places like Publix, but I was tired of going to the store more than once or twice a week. And buying Walmart brand is actually more expensive in the long run. And right now I don't have a whole lot of time to plan out couponing trips. It's been awhile. So we stocked up on huge bags of organic broccoli, organic veggies, cereal, and chicken nuggets. Also got plenty of good ol brain-developing organic flaxseed for our oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, etc. And organic soymilk (actually cheaper there.) Because those are the things that we go through like crazy. I've found the more organic stuff we eat, the nastier non-organic stuff tastes...and organic seems to keep longer.

In other news, this past weekend Madison pitched her worst temper tantrum ever. The kind that made me cry the whole way home. It was terrible. I won't even describe. I knew we wouldn't get through the 2's without at least a little bit of the terrible two' fact, I'm sure my parents are secretly giggling to themselves as I was a TERRIBLE 3's kind of girl apparently. But I get to endure the red-headed temper. Fun fun.

Today I had to take Madison to the pediatric surgeon. She is going to have a dermoid cyst removed from above her right eyebrow...something she was born with and that has been noticeable even in pictures. It's grown some and hurts really bad if she bumps it. They hurt really bad, I know, I've had 2 myself. So unfortunately we'll be scheduling an appointment for the surgery which involves her being put under general anesthesia...which I'm not thrilled about but the doctor said it was fine. Better now than before it gets too big and leaves a huge scar.

 You can kind of see it here from back when she was about 9 months old. The doctor told me the scar should be very inconspicuous on this pretty little face.
OK photodump time. Meet the new little ponytail.

 Pretty pearl earrings too...
 Her bangs are still a tad too short to pull back, but side swept bangs are in right now anyway, so she's good to go!
 Even more adorable with pink polka dot panties.
And obviously, I don't have many more pictures of Landon...the little booger is hard to get on camera when he's constantly moving. Notice the blurry face. But he is apparently going to be cooking for us from now on.

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