Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 and Christmas Prep

I'm afraid you won't be seeing much of me updating here this coming month...I just wrote down 11 more things on our calendar for December, and that does not even include family gatherings or a few church Christmas parties! I feel like I am already losing my mind, trying to keep my brain organized. I've been busy getting together/buying outfits for Christmas pictures, Christmas cards, Santa pictures, party stuff, etc. We still have yet to buy a single Christmas present. Yikes. I realize we have plenty of time, like Brad would say, but we are opposites. He is the king of procrastination, I am a get it all done early type of girl. I hate waiting until the last minute because I get stressed out so easily. I can't go to bed at night without my mind racing about what I need to do. Staying up til midnight last night trying to find some decent Christmas outfits for the kids was bad. (That is super late for us.) I feel like I've completely neglected housework and laundry...poor Landon is on his last clean sheet. Anyways we'll survive this coming month like we always do. My exercise class is good for de-stressing me and so are chocolate chip cookies :)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. I realized I had completely forgotten to take any pictures at all that day. Oops. My side of the family has a Thanksgiving reunion type get together once every few years and this was the year. We all got together in Cumming for some good food and playing. We had close to 50 people there and were missing about 15. Brad only knew a handful! Big family fun. We then headed to Newnan for his side of the family and played. We were so stuffed but dessert is always good. We dropped in for a surprise visit at my parents' house to see my brother and sister in law who had just gotten in. The kids got good naps in the car all day, especially with a little turkey in their belly. The day after Thanksgiving we did our traditional decorating/putting up the Christmas tree and then we got to visit and watch football with some more family. Saturday we had some good friends come over for the evening and Sunday was church as normal. It was a great week/weekend and we have so much to be thankful for: big families, wonderful friends, yummy food, and most of all our Lord and Savior who blesses us with so much.

Now for my phone dump of our latest stuff...these are the only 2 from Thanksgiving:

My peanut butter fudge brownie pudding Reese's trifle...or something like that. No more sweets for me for a long time.
Daddy was getting down all the Christmas decorations from the attic. I was able to capture Madison's excited face as she was jumping up and down!

Getting out the ornaments. (well, one of them-the other is bent on destruction)
Our Santa hat pictures each year.

What's wrong with this picture? Yeah, she came downstairs wearing her bathing suit. The other day it was her bikini. You know, it's good for chance of snow weather.

Nativity time. 
"OH NOOOO!!!! Landon throw baby Jesus!!"
Yikes. Landon's been naughty this year.
Our Christmas tree.
Color changing ornaments on the mantel. Always been my favorite.
(Notice this is the first year we have not added another stocking!!)
Our 2nd Christmas tree in the dining room. Ornaments and fluffing still to come. Brad can't resist a good after Christmas clearance deal. We have a 3rd tree in our room upstairs.
Another nativity.
Fiber optic church and lighthouse.

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