Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Madisonisms

*First of all, please keep Madison in your prayers tomorrow as she has surgery to remove her cyst. I am dreading it and wish I could just cancel it and forget about it, but I know it has to be done now while she's young, before it grows anymore. Please pray the surgeon gets it all and that her little body does well under general anesthesia :(

Well last week consisted of a nasty stomach bug. Madison started it, Landon then got it, and since I spent a good 5 hours cleaning up nasty "stuff" (I'll leave the details out), I ended up getting it too. It only lasted a few hours for the kids, but I had it for several days. Not fun. The bad part about being a mommy is you can't call in sick...I still had to do my regular job with the kids, 24/7, nausea and all. I am very thankful for good health right now!

Me: Mommy doesn't feel good right now.
Madison: That's ok! I can fix you!!

Trying to sit behind me in a chair and bumped me:
Madison: I sorry honey!!

Madison: I want a baby sister.
Me: Well maybe one day baby.
Madison: No, I want one RIGHT NOW!!
Me: I'm afraid it doesn't work like that, Maddie!
Madison: I want a baby sister!
(she's always asking for a baby sister) 

Reciting her Bible verse:

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