Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Madison's Surgery

Yesterday was Madison's big day to get her cyst removed. Poor girl couldn't eat or drink anything before general anesthesia so that was her one complaint-being hungry and thirsty. That's what killed me most I think, my little bitty girl asking for something to eat or drink please :(

We got to the surgery center next to Scottish Rite and did paperwork. Madison played with some other kids in the waiting room and got to pick out some stickers. She of course picked 3 princesses: Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle. We then went back to check all her vitals, which she did so well with. She loves to play "doctor" so she cooperated great-the nurse was amazed at her for only being 2 years old. We then went to her pre-op room where she played with some toys including a basketball goal. We were visited by a nurse, her surgeon, and anesthesiologist. She got into her little bitty hospital gown and she drank all her pain medicine ahead of time. The nurse was so impressed that she took her to pick out a special toy for doing so good. She of course picked out a princess castle immediately.

I then got dressed and went with her to the operating room while Daddy waited on us in post-op. It was a big room with a few nurses, anesthesiologists, and her surgeon. I think it was a bit intimidating but Madison didn't seem phased. They had her sit in my lap for a second then told me to lay her down on the table. They covered her with a warm blanket and she rested her head on a styrofoam "O" pillow. They asked her if she knew her letters and she said it was an "O" and it looked just like the clock! She kept asking questions like "what's that?" and "what they doing?" She held her little baby doll and I held her hand while they put the gas mask on her. She quickly started to fall asleep, they told me to kiss her cheek so she knew I was there and then I had to leave.

After 45-50 minutes, the doctor/surgeon came and told us she had done great. He was able to get all of the cyst and it was all in one piece (that had been the only risk-coming back if he couldn't get it all.) He had it sent off to pathology to make sure it was ok, but said it was almost completely characteristic of the typical dermoid cyst, nothing to worry about. Interestingly enough, several people we talked to yesterday have had a kid or they themselves had the same exact type of cyst in the same spot. She got a few stitches on the inside and her incision was shut with some type of skin glue. We have to be careful to not get it wet for 48 hours.

A few minutes later we heard a bunch of nurses down the hall practically squealing "look at how cute she is! what adorable little red hair! the pigtails!! eeee!" etc. Brad said, "that's gotta be Madison." Sure enough, our baby girl was back! They rolled her bed in and she was still not quite awake. She stared into space awhile while I held her, but perked up when she got an apple juice box in her. She then downed a popsicle pretty quickly and got her IV taken out (She had also had a breathing tube put down her throat which they had taken out already.) After that we got her dressed and headed out to the car. She fell asleep immediately but had requested "coke" and "chicken" and "Arby's." We let her sleep awhile in the car til we got to an Arby's closer to home. She sat in my lap with her head on my shoulder the whole time I fed her. So pitiful! After getting a full belly she really perked up and we headed home. Aunt Vicki was at home taking care of Landon all day and we are so grateful for that. Thank you, Aunt Vicki!!
All you can see is a little line where they cut, all the purple is purple pen that they used to mark it. Sweet girl!

We are so thankful everything went so well and so relieved to finally have this done. Even though this wasn't that big of a deal, we are so thankful for all the many people who were praying for our baby girl. I was not comfortable with them putting my baby girl to sleep, but all turned out well. I am so proud of her because she never fussed or cried a single time through the whole process! Such a good girl. I think she is glad her "bump" will not hurt her anymore and the doctor said we probably won't be able to see much of a scar within a year. We were given a prescription for pain medicine for her or we could use Tylenol or Motrin, but our tough little girl has yet to complain of any pain! She has been playing like normal like nothing ever happened. Such a big girl!

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