Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a fun Halloween this year. Originally the kids were going to be Pebbles and BamBam from the Flintstones because they fit the parts perfectly...I had already even bought some cheap fabric to make them. But Madison was set on being a princess...so of course I was going to let her choose what she wanted to be. She ended up going with Snow White and I found Landon a Tigger costume on clearance for $8 at Babies R' Us.

 Madison stuffing her face with chocolate.

We made Halloween cookies.
And painted pumpkins that we got at Burt's.

Went Trick or Treating at my dad's office (3rd year we've been able to do this. Check out first and second here.)
 Tigger decided he likes suckers. One in each hand, all the time.
 Snow White dug into the candy too of course.
 My dad's coworker dressed up as him for the Halloween contest at his work. She won! It was pretty awesome.
Went to McDonald's for an early supper on Halloween. Snow White kissed her prince there.

And Landon is supposed to be a sad Thrashers fan like Daddy...

And of course on Halloween, we did some more Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. There were a bunch of kids in our cul-de-sac when we first got outside who were "awwing" over the kids. Madison kept saying she wanted to "catch up to the other children." She talked about them the whole time. Unfortunately we were a bit slower.

 The look on Landon's face is priceless. He's probably thinking "CANDY CANDY CANDY! AND it's past my bedtime!!"

We also visited Grandmama and Grandpapa, their great-grandparents. More yummy candy!

 Tigger got awfully quiet sitting on the floor by himself. I look over to find chocolate all over him...he had bitten the wrapper off a KitKat and was eating it-very sneaky.

We stopped by Jason and Mallory's house for even more candy! They always have awesome decorations!

But the best part about Halloween (besides the candy) is the costume clearance sale the day after! We added Cinderella to our collection and are loving it.

 She likes to pose for me.
 Overall, a wonderful Halloween! And Cinderella blows kisses to you :)

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