Saturday, October 8, 2011

Super Saturday-Lots of Pictures

On Wednesday, between preschool, grocery shopping, nap, picking up from preschool, McDonald's, more naps and church, I didn't get a chance to do Wordless Wednesday, so here's my weekly iPhone photo dump. (Or just way too many pictures)
Enjoying the beautiful weather!

 Attacking Daddy
Attacking each other

Madison's favorite food: (cheesy) Broccoli (with rice)

Trying on new clothes (some wonderful friends' hand me downs) We spent all afternoon modeling. Especially the new high heels.
Most of the new clothes are 3T for the Spring. One was even a 4T and fit great. I know different brands vary, but she's suddenly shooting up height-wise. Doctor said she's on track to be a few inches taller than me which makes me happy for her!

I think she may have a career in modeling. At least from what I've seen, red headed kids are in high demand. Or, maybe not, since I've seen so many as models. She's got what it takes though..ha!
Landon and his favorite toy-the remote.

The cuteness kills me. His nickname at church is still Mr. Cheeks.
Stinker smile. We're in a very challenging stage right now. Hitting, yelling, throwing, but mostly hitting. Boys are a whole different ball game (at least from the majority I've heard from). I got so frustrated one night and just cried. But he's so sweet and cuddly most of the time.
She wants her picture taken all the time, even when I'm trying to get a few of Landon. "Mommy, take a picture of my band-aid!!"
Doing Daddy's monkey face (Daddy wouldn't let me get a picture of his).
Poor Grandmommy. Fridays wear her out. I think she leaves our house sometimes never wanting to return. It's ok, I feel the same way sometimes. But I don't have a broken toe that got stepped on twice like she does :(

Sibling love.

Something must have been interesting.
Landon about to go head to head with the cat. Little buff guy always gets a good hold on her tail.

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