Thursday, October 20, 2011

Playdate at DACKids

Last Thursday morning Jessica and I decided to go check out a new place to take the kids. So the 2 of us headed out with all 4 kids of ours to DACKids, which is similar to Little Bears indoor playground. The difference is DACKids has sand and is much less expensive! We were able to go to a free preview class that they had for preschoolers, called Game-time sports. Keegan and Madison had fun playing with all the different sports equipment and balls. They offer the classes each week by age group, but we were told that if Madison was in a class she would have to be in the 3 year old class instead of the 2 year old class, because her skills were "much more advanced." Well ok, she likes hanging out with older kids anyways!

They had a cute little play area for younger kids/babies
Lots of bounce houses/ball pits/slides
The main playground and sandbox-geared more towards older kids. Notice the ball gun on the left- you can shoot soft little balls in the air at people. I made the mistake of walking in front of one right as Madison pulled the trigger...luckily there wasn't a ball in there!
Huge pirate ship in the back with a huge slide!
Little playground and sand for the little ones...with fish tanks!
Keegan...why are you getting so big??? So cute!
Landon was wild and feeling free!
Madison had a blast...she was running around by herself which made it easier for me to help with Landon and Keegan while Jessica fed Kayson.
Here's the "little" guy Kayson himself. So sweet! I got to hold him a lot :)
After we were thoroughly worn out (us moms more so than the kids) and starving, we decided to go to lunch at Chick-fil-A. I love me some Chick-fil-A. When we got done, Keegan and Madison were saying bye and just decided to walk up to each other and kiss right on the lips. Highlight of the day. They are getting married, you know. Too bad the camera wasn't out to catch all the lip action!!

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