Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Madisonisms

 Preschool wears her out. She literally walked up to me at the sink, laid down and within seconds was asleep. I just transferred the poor girl to the couch for a nap. How we love preschool!

I really hate it when you're so busy and you forget to write down the funny things your kids I only have a few today. We've literally been at church ALL weekend. No exaggeration. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. The kids haven't gotten to bed until at least 10ish each night but it was so worth it. I will share more later, but for now here's today's post.

Naptime, trying to get Madison to go to sleep. (She was in trouble for misbehaving and crying-and obviously very tired)
Madison: Mommy, eyes coming out of my tears...eyes coming out of my tears!
Me: You mean tears are coming out of your eyes? Then you need to stop crying.
Madison: Yes, eyes coming out of my tears!

Watching a baby show on TV (probably TLC) and talking about when she and Landon were in my tummy and were born:
Madison: I want to be born again! I want to get in your tummy. I want to be born again. 
Me: You do? Well, you were already born honey. You can't go back.
Madison: I can't get in there, I'm too big. I'm not little.
Me: That's right baby, you're too big.

And since I only had 2 today, here's a cute video of her singing her ABC's before school one morning.

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Rebecca said...

Ugh! That child is just TOO cute!!!!

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