Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Madisonisms

Sitting at a red light...
Daddy: Change, dang it!
Madison: CHANGE, dangit! hehee

Comes up to me:
Madison: High Five! (I give her one) Down low! (give her one again, but she pulls it away) Too slow, JOE!

Gets out my phone, clicks on the Weather Channel app:
Madison: hmmmm....a little rainy...but it looks kinda sunny! See?

Out shopping, laying back in the reclined double stroller:
Madison: Mommy, look! I'm Sleeping Booty!
Me: You are? You're Sleeping Beauty?
Madison: Nooo, I'm Princess Ariel.
(usually she says because "Princess Ariel has same color hair as me")

Me: in another room I may or may not have burped :)
Madison: 'SCUSE YOU!!!

Talking to our cat, Missy:
Madison: So...Missy. What's your favorite color? Pink or Green?
Missy: ......
Madison: Green!

Landon sitting in his highchair, fussing/yelling at me to give him his food:
Madison: Landon, take a chill pill!! Take a chill pill, Landon!

Make sure to turn up the volume for this find out if monsters eat pancakes or chicken nuggets. (She told me she was a monster at preschool one day.)

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