Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Madisonisms (and other things)

Today was a stinky day. Besides all the rain, we had a super busy day which I only enjoy if it involves fun things. Not things like doctor appointments and injuries. Madison had preschool, Landon refused to nap until I got in the preschool parking lot to pick her up, so I had to get him out resulting in a 20 minute nap. She fell asleep about 5 minutes before I dropped her off with my mom at work so I could take Landon to an ENT appointment. Landon had "failed" his hearing test when he was born because the girl doing it never finished before we left the hospital. We've kind of forgotten about getting it re-checked and the pediatrician wanted to make sure all was well. After him screaming about getting in the stroller I finally just held him and walked around the hospital looking for the correct suite since it was in a newly constructed building. After buttloads of paperwork and a stinking expensive copay, we finally were able to get back there and do a hearing screening. I had to hold him in my lap with something in his ear and try to keep him still and quiet and prevent him from pulling it out. . .FAIL. I'd like to see ANYONE who can keep a one year old still who doesn't like things sticking in his ear. After a good half hour of me and the doctor wrestling with him, we gave up and he gave the biggest stinkerish smile. He never finished the tests. But he finished parts of them and the doctor was pleased with how they looked. There is no hearing loss in the family nor has he ever had any ear infections, and I never doubted his hearing, so we finally left to pick up Maddie in the rain (after paying $4 more dollars just to park in the dumb parking deck. He fell back asleep on the way home right in time for Daddy to get home.

While playing downstairs with Daddy, I hear him screaming and Brad comes running up the stairs with blood all over his shirt and blood all over Landon's hands and mouth and shirt. Lots of blood. This is not good for the tired, agitated Mommy. Apparently the poor baby was cruising along the couch in the basement and fell flat on his face on the hard floor. I've never seen this to cause this much damage but we're thinking his teeth sliced his upper lip open. Open gash and lots of blood. He only cried a few minutes and we texted a picture to a pediatric nurse friend at our church. It was hard to tell if he needed stitches by the picture, but after talking to her we decided he was probably ok. We had to get the swelling down with a popsicle but he was already happy and back to normal. Tough little guy. So there was our day. I'm tired. It's never a dull moment around here. Oh, but the little guy finally took off walking tonight! I will have a video up soon if you missed it on facebook.

On to this week's Madisonisms. . .the kid never fails me :)

Madison: (holding her phone) Hey Mommy, I want to call someone!
Me: OK, well who are you gonna call?
Madison: I'm gonna call Joe. Hello Joe! Ok, byebye. (hangs up) He said. . .(she starts talking in a deep man voice) what YOU doing? what YOU doing?

Madison: (looking at Landon in the highchair) Landon, you're FAT.
Me: What? What did you just call Landon?
Madison: Landon is FAT. hehehe
Me: Who told you that? Who said that Landon is fat?
Madison: ME!

Me: Madison, what do you want to be for Halloween?
Madison: I want to be a kitty cat like Dora was.
Me: No, you were already a kitty cat one year.
Madison: A doggy!
Me: Hmm, how about another animal?
Madison: A giraffe!

Me: No, you're silly. How about a princess? You like princesses.
Madison: (pauses and thinks) No, I'm ALREADY A PRINCESS!
Me: Oh. Yes, you are.
Madison: Landon can be a orange pumpkin. It matches his shirt.

For the record, she's suddenly insisting on being Snow White this year. . .we'll see. Maybe Landon can be Dopey. haha totally just kidding.

Yes, 2 year olds are a blast.
 Kisses for everyone! GoodNIGHT!

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