Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Trip to the Fair

On Saturday, we got up and headed out to the North Ga. State Fair immediately. We got there before it opened, because all admission was free and all the rides were completely free for an hour. It was amazing because we never had to pay for a single ride. We only paid for extras like games and food. The kids were excited and so were we! It was so much fun to see them having a blast, Madison rode the rides with a big smile on her face and laughed as she rode. That made me so happy, I LOVE seeing my babies having fun. She is such a little daredevil that we had to tell her no to quite a few rides that took you upside down and stopped...but she enjoyed the little ones.
Ready to go!
It was a COLD and windy morning. Combined with the smell of the fair food, it really put us in a fall mood :)

Madison's first ride by herself, riding "Nemo." Check out the video at the end.
Merry-go-round. Daddy was holding Landon behind us on this one, so I didn't catch a picture of him.
The big slide Madison went down with Daddy. I put it in the video as well. Apparently it wasn't such a huge thrill to her because we didn't get much of a reaction. I think she wanted something a little more dangerous.
The teacups! I rode this with her, just the girls.
So little, she could barely see out.
Daddy of course had to do some pitching games. This is where he had to hit and break the glass bottle.
She didn't know what to think of the giant Scooby. She froze like this until we picked her up. Cracked us up.
Daddy broke one, yay for Daddy's pitching experience!
She picked out a super soft puppy dog with floppy ears.
We headed over to the petting zoo where Madison saw one of her little friends from church, Maggie. They are definitely little partners in crime. Madison liked the baby ducks the best. She kept talking to them and asking "hi baby ducks, how are you?"
We saw the llamas, too. Madison wasn't a fan of the bigger animals. She kept saying, "I scared" and just wanted to go talk to the chickens.
Landon had a blast but obviously had a little too much fun. Towards the end, he finally gave in and took his morning nap.
Of course you can't go to the fair without getting a funnel cake. Both kids loved it. I passed up the fried brownies and deep fried Oreos for this.
And here is the fun video of Madison riding several rides.
All 4 of us were so worn out when we got home, that we all took naps...that's my kind of morning!

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