Sunday, October 23, 2011

Evangelism Through Team Impact

Last week we had a huge evangelism opportunity through Team Impact at our church. If you have never seen these guys, they are huge! Brad ran the sound and helped with stage setup/teardown as well. He said these guys were just so unbelievably nice and helpful. Definitely men of God set out to spread the gospel. They each shared their testimony and were so encouraging. They presented the gospel but also made clear that going/having gone to church doesn't make you a Christian. Believing in God doesn't make you a Christian, and even if you are a good person you can still go to Hell. There has to be that one defining moment in your life that you prayed to receive Christ in your heart and life, a day and moment that you remember asking Him to forgive you of all your sins and start following Him and obeying Him. I know for me, that day was January 27, 1993. If you can't remember the day you became saved, you might want to think twice about your salvation. Even people who have grown up in church. I feel like this was such a good thing to hit on, because typically the gospel is presented and those who have heard it many times or grown up in church are used to it, but don't necessarily realize what an important moment it is. This was the case for a girl who just joined our Sunday School class, who explained to me she had grown up in church but never became a Christian.

We had such a huge turnout each night (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). I served in the nursery (for volunteer's kids only) Friday but volunteered in the kitchen Saturday and Sunday. We served a free hotdog supper and it was a free event. People from all over the community were able to walk up, eat for free, and sit down to watch some amazing feats and have the gospel presented to them. It was a family event so kids and babies were all in there as well. I brought Madison in on the last night to see the "big strong mens" as she called them. It was super loud in there and she was a little hesitant at first but then would clap and cheer for them. She had a blast as she watched them rip apart and bend coke cans, aluminum bats, bricks, ice, steel bars, and bench several hundred pound telephone poles.
This is a guy with tons of razor sharp nails on his chest, with another guy laying on top of him bench pressing the pole. A lot of the stuff they did was pretty dangerous (notice the men standing around just in case).
The best part of the weekend was the fact that 100 people gave their lives to Christ. Amazing! They were several baptisms as well.
Here's a video of a portion of it-running and tackling huge blocks of ice, just tearing right through it, as well as the bench pressing.

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