Monday, September 26, 2011

More Monday Madisonisms

Madison staring into space, just sitting there:
Madison: I don't know what my doing. I just sitting here.

Drawing a picture:
Madison: Look at the funny face, guys! Haha, guys, look at the funny face, guys!

Leaning in her little chair in her room:
Me: Madison, do not lean in your chair, that's dangerous. You could fall.
Madison: But daddy do it, like me! Madison do it?
(shame on you Daddy!)

Walking on the sidewalk, heading into church to the children's building:
Madison: Let's ride the evegator! 
Me: The what? The eLEVAtor?
Madison: Yea the elegator! I wanna push the button!

Daddy: (talking about people who never cut their grass in our neighborhood) These people kill me! Ugh!
Madison: These people are killin' me!! Ohhhh, what dat mean?

Madison walks in with socks and sandals that are 2 sizes too small:
Me: Socks with sandals?
Madison: Yeah, you have socks with sandals? 
Me: No, you usually don't wear socks with sandals...
Madison: hahaha I so funny!

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Kathleen said...

I just laughed out loud reading this post! Hilarious!!!! I have 5 yr olds this year and they say some pretty funny things so don't think it will be over any time soon! :)

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