Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Madisonisms

Today Madison is exactly 2 1/2 years old. I haven't done an update on her in awhile, but she is just constantly growing and learning new things. She's so smart and so social, and has to be one of the easiest kids ever (most of the time). I am really loving this age because she is so sweet and cuddly too. She likes to be right there with me all the time and randomly gives me sweet kisses and says "I love you" pretty constantly. She snuggles with me in my bed when she gets up in the morning until Landon wakes up. She is such a joy and I enjoy talking to her like an adult all day long! Here are how some of our conversations go:

Madison (holding a tin Princess lunchbox): I want to take THIS lunchbox to preschool.
Me: But you already take your Dora lunchbox to preschool, that one is just fine.
Madison: Well, but CASH HAS ONE like this! His has racecars on it.
(Cash is a little boy in her class)
Me: Oh, he has a hard one that he takes? What color are the racecars?
Madison: It's red. A red racecar. I want to take my hard one too.
Me: Oh, so just because Cash takes his hard lunchbox, you want to take yours even though your Dora lunchbox is perfectly fine?
Madison: Yes! I take my Princess lunchbox.

Looking at her name on the wall, with the word Princess below it:
Madison: My name is on the wall, right there!
Daddy: Yeah, it also says Princess. Is your name Princess?
Madison: NO, I AM (a princess).

Me: Madison, will you please say the blessing before we eat?
Madison: Dear God, thank you for the birds and thank you for Landon's birthday last week. Jesus' name, Amen.

Me: Did you have fun at preschool today? Did you play on the playground?
Madison: Yea, and there was a BUG! A BIG BUG! But Ms. Kelly got it.
Me: A big bug? What color was it? What did Ms. Kelly do with it?
Madison: Yeah, it was black. And red. But it didn't have legs. It had wings, like a butterfly. Or a ladybug. But it wasn't a ladybug. Ms. Kelly put it in the grass.

Going out to see Daddy's new car for the first time:
Me: Madison, do you like Daddy's new car??
Madison: Ohhhhh, it's beautiful, Daddy!!

Daddy: Madison, are you beautiful?
Madison: Yup, I sure IS!!

Love that kid.

I asked her to smile, and this is how she posed (on her own!)
 Not to mention she's got some pretty amazing calf muscles.

And some wicked awesome dance moves.
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