Saturday, September 17, 2011

Landon's 1st Birthday Party

Landon has had a great time celebrating his birthday weekend. On Friday, his actual birthday, Daddy bought a new car...yay for a backseat to put carseats in! No more being stranded at home with a kid if one parent has my car or the other kid. He got a nice 4Runner and I'm kind of jealous of the sunroof and built in DVD system with wireless headphones for the kids..yeah. This will be our car for trips and the main family car hopefully :) Now to get his truck sold...
Since Landon is now 1 and has been over the weight minimum for quite awhile, he got a new carseat too! I'm a strong believer in keeping kids backwards facing since it's so much safer, but sometimes it just depends on each situation. When your kid is constantly kicking the backseat and fussing, it was easy to make the decision to turn him around since he is allowed to now. Please don't think I'm a horrible mother...
Let's just say he loves it and is so much happier!
Here they are riding in Daddy's new car
 SO excited!

Later on, we had a wedding to go to so we went ahead and did a little cupcake celebration with some singing for him, as well as a present to open on his birthday.

Today we celebrated his birthday with the entire family and a few good friends. He was still asleep when all the guests got there, and we decided to wake him up after an almost 3 hour nap...of course he would choose today to do that! He was still in a very happy mood and enjoyed opening presents and eating his cake. I think the pictures speak for themselves...this little guy knows how to eat some cake!! We had to take him up to the bathtub immediately and he turned the water an opaque blue...he ended up having to get a second bath and still felt greasy...oh well, he enjoyed it and that's all that matters to me! Boys will be boys and get dirty, which is all good fun.
Pretty much the same layout as Madison's 1st birthday.

 A picnic on a beautiful day!

 Madison kept tackling Grant...poor thing. He was a good sport.

 Presents time!

 Only the beginning...

 Looking like a little clown with the blue around his mouth!

 Yes, Mr. One-derful enjoyed his cake.
 Even slung it onto the walls.
 OK I'm done.

 The aftermath.
 After 2 baths, all cleaned up and happy!
We had such a wonderful day and want to thank everyone who helped to make his 1st birthday special. We are so blessed!

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