Friday, September 16, 2011

Landon is ONE!!!

Today, my baby boy is ONE. Unbelievable. I am still in shock. It's one of those things that still hasn't quite hit me yet. People always say time flies, and as cliche as it may sound, it is SO true. There's a quote I plan on putting next to a growth chart for the kids that says "The days are long, but the years are short" (Thank you, Pinterest). When you have your first child, time flies, but not nearly as quickly as the second will. I guess the busyness of having two that keep me so busy, really doubles up how quickly the time goes by. There's a knowledge that comes from experience with your first, that you want time to slow down with your second because you know they won't be babies long-you've experienced it firsthand with your firstborn. It is so bittersweet. Now it seems as though both of them are so big and taking off, and pretty soon one day they'll be leaving us for college. That's years away, but I know I will blink one day and it will be here. There's always the desire for more kids, if the Lord decides to bless us again, but for now, these are my babies who won't slow down no matter how much I want them to. This makes me want to forget about my never-ending to-do list and just take it all in, experiencing and enjoying every second I can with them.
Now that I am sobbing, I guess I need to talk about my sweet, sweet boy. I can't believe a year ago he had to be evicted from his warm, little home. I seriously thought that kid would never come! He arrived weighing in at 8 lbs. 1 oz., exactly what my midwife predicted. He has perfected his pouty lip that he came into the world with, and he is quite the little snuggle buddy-so sweet and affectionate. He loves to cuddle and I enjoy our cuddle time before bed each night. He gives sweet "kisses" and looks straight into your eyes. He is truly a little flirt too. He has a contagious laugh that turns into a cackle when he really gets going. It is my favorite sound EVER!
He has a feisty side as well. Sometimes I refer to him as my little terror, because he still loves to find the most dangerous thing he can get into and go for it. He is constantly moving and can throw a pretty good fit for a kid so young. He knows how to arch his back, throw back his head, or stiffen up when picking him up to pry him from a bad situation. He's very strong-willed and knows how to fuss and yell to get our attention. He is in a hitting stage which we're trying to get through. He is also the fastest crawler I've ever seen, especially when there's something especially new and/or off-limits in the room. He can take about 6 or so steps on his own and should be taking off walking any day now! I truly work up a sweat chasing him all day. There's no need for me to work out.

He has 8 teeth, loves to feed himself and prefers real food as opposed to baby food. He is by far the messiest baby in the world so it's tough to know whether or not the food actually makes it in his mouth, so we are still doing some baby food after each meal. He loves yogurt and a pancake for breakfast and is quite an apple juice junkie like his sister. He's still nursing twice a day, and I'm so proud to say that for his entire first year, he never had a drop of formula-all momma's milk. Having nursed 2 kids for an entire year each, I feel very accomplished and proud, knowing that I gave my kids the VERY best start they could ever have.
He loves to clap, wave, dance, and especially loves to give high fives. He loves books and loves to chase his sister and wrestle. He's said "dada," "byebye," says "mama" a lot, and has somewhat said "milk" and "book." If I am not around, he is fine and can be very social, but when I am in the room he is very much a momma's boy. I know one day I'll miss all the cuddles and clingy-ness, but I know that I was his first love :)
We are SO very blessed to have 2 perfect children. There's a big difference between boys and girls in my opinion, at least between mine. They are so alike in many ways yet so different in so many ways too. I have the best of both worlds and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I have had the best year with these precious babies, and our sweet surprise Landon made it that much sweeter. I'm looking forward to all the fun years to come with these sweet blessings!

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