Friday, September 30, 2011

2 Things You Should Watch

I posted 2 things on facebook recently that I thought were very good.
The first is the movie Courageous. It is by the same makers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants, both very good movies. One of the Kendrick brothers was my middle school minister and had such an impact on my spiritual growth. The movie is out today so I encourage you to go see this. I believe I heard something about the amount of tickets bought opening weekend will determine how long this will be in theaters. Our church has bought out several theaters so we are all going to support this. Please go and show Hollywood that we need godly movies like this, not like the trash that is always playing! This is not only a great movie for all dads to see, but for everyone!

The second is the 180 movie. It's 33 minutes long but it is so worth it. I literally teared up several times throughout it, amazed at what our world has come to. Fortunately, the end is pretty good. Please watch and say a prayer, and please share with everyone. It is presented is a very good way and so true.

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