Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

We have been busy, busy, busy lately! We've been busy refinancing our house, going to preschool orientation, parties, and normal everyday life. We also had a rough time last weekend as our poor dog passed away...he was 7 years old. Completely ruined the weekend but we are moving on. We are suspecting a snake bite because of what he looked like and how quickly he died. So sad. A friend of ours said the same thing happened to one of her coworkers..who actually saw the snake attack, said the dog looked the same as Dakota where he was bit, and even at the vet they could not do anything because it just happened too fast. I am just glad Madison hasn't asked about him anymore, and glad that she is not any older than she is now. We won't be getting another dog for awhile because with kids, it's just too hard to give them the attention they deserve. We have 1 cat and that's it, no more!
Dakota as a sweet. RIP sweet boy.
 Okay, enough depressing stuff. Moving on to recent pics...
For once I gave both my arms a break and let someone else do the job...they sure are sweet though!
Madison's drawings crack me up...everywhere I look there are little faces, some with hair.
And these have little legs. Is this normal for a 2 year old? My mom said she's had kindergarteners that drew like that. Madison must have gotten the Baker family artistic ability.
We are however, working on trying to stay in the lines..haha. Notice Dora's little yellow friend, too.

Today we had drop in visits to meet Madison's new teachers at the church preschool. I am so excited, the preschool area is so nice and I love her teachers. One is a younger teacher that has a daughter who is just a few days younger than Maddie and the other is actually a lady from our church (she is going to a different church for preschool since ours does not do it anymore). She has worked with Landon in the nursery and knows my mom as well. She spoke at one of my MOPS meetings back a few months ago as well, so it was so nice to see a familiar face, one who will be working with Madison! God works in awesome ways for sure!


Kell Bell said...

Poor Dakota!!!!! Thats so sad! So sorry!

Atlanta said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dog. It is probably good that she is not older, I am sure it would be more difficult.

And, that is pretty good for a 2 year old. I have seen most kindergartners who draw like this. It is awesome that she is drawing that well, usually it is just scribbles.

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