Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Madison demanded my hair band and wanted a ponytail to match. Next time we'll start with a brush!
She always says "I want to hold him!" or "He wants me!" He's not that little bitty baby anymore like she must think...
And again...these two are hilarious..constantly playing and wrestling..yes, literally wrestling. Landon is one tough little dude.
We've been having issues napping lately...this is what Mommy sees.
He's usually looking right at the camera. Like he can see me. Creepy!
I asked her repeatedly to smile for me. This is what I got. Every. Single. Time. (My parents would call this the "Erin face" because I apparently did this through my toddler years) S-t-u-b-b-o-r-n.
OK I finally got her to somewhat smile for Mrs. Jill at church, who gave her tutus.
When Madison gets up in the morning, if Landon isn't up yet, she likes to come sleep in with Mommy. It's some sweet cuddle time and I love it. She brings her own pillow.
The He-man himself. Working out. Lifting strollers. (Insert manly Landon grunt.)

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