Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today is Sunday, one of my favorite days of the week because we get to spend it at church! Well, Daddy and Madison do. Landon has a nasty cough so I am home with him. Brad goes on early to be there at 7am but I'm so thankful to have my parents who also go to our church to come pick up Madison. She loves seeing her grandparents at church but it was a nice surprise to ride with them there. Today is promotion Sunday so both my babies are moving up a class! So sad. Landon isn't going to be in the baby room anymore which kind of hurts my heart. He's getting so big. Last night was rough because he seemed to be breathing a little harder/faster so I didn't go to bed until after midnight because I was checking on him so much, so paranoid about things like pneumonia and the like. He ended up fine and sleeping great, but got up early and is just coughing, no other symptoms.

So this morning since I'm not at church I'm catching up on laundry, doing my quiet time and listening to some worship music. It just feels strange being at home. It reminded me of an article I read this week, that I think we all, as Christians, need to think about. I know I am guilty of some of these things.

10 Signs Your Christianity Has Become Too Comfortable

1. You are not attending church with a high level of expectancy.
2. You no longer seem to be concerned about the spiritual condition of neighbors, family members, or your co-workers.
3. You haven’t had a spiritual conversation with a non-Christian in a long time.
4. The Bible seems like a history book.  It’s lifeless to you.
5. Your happiness on Sunday mornings is more important than what it takes to reach the unchurched.  As long as you get your parking spot, your seat, and hear the music you like, everything’s fine.
6. The plight of the poor doesn’t concern you.
7. Pictures of overseas suffering do not move you to action.
8. You do not give your financial resources sacrificially.
9. Your prayers don’t seem to be making it past the ceiling.
10. It doesn’t even dawn on you that God could do something incredibly radical in your life at any moment today.  It’s not even on your radar.

Ouch, right? Definitely food for thought, and I know I've gotten a little too comfortable over the past few years. I always know that when I'm out of my comfort zone, and VERY uncomfortable that I'm probably doing something right for God even though I don't want to. I always have to remember that God never promised things in life would be easy, but He will always be with us and it will be no more than we can take. A few songs I've been loving lately (even though I have heard them OVER AND OVER again on the radio) are Laura Story's "Blessings" (lyrics are amazing) and Steven Curtis Chapman's "Do Everything" (helps me as a mom.) This is just kind of a different post this morning so I thought I'd share.

Also, my cousin is in a contest from 104.7 The Fish to be the opening act for Celebrate Freedom. Please support her, every view of her video is a vote! I'm not sure if you have to watch it on Youtube's actual website or not, but here is the link:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

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Rebecca said...

Hmm...a lot of that hit home with me. Good word!

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