Saturday, August 6, 2011

Madison's First Haircut!

Today was a big day for Madison. The poor kid was born with practically no hair. I'm not sure who she got that from, but I think Landon was born with more hair than she had at her first birthday (of course darker haired kids always have more even though his is blonde now). It was time to tame the crazy, stringy, curly back of her hair which was turning into more of a was getting so long that it was down on her back, yet the top and front had not caught up yet. 

Before: uncombed, no bow, CRAZY.
 I'm kind of jealous of the natural waves only at the ends...going to be beautiful even longer!

I was kind of hesitant to let anyone take scissors to her gorgeous red hair but I did get to keep a lock of it that they gave me. They trimmed it just a little to even it out, and her little sweet baby curls are still there. You can hardly tell by looking at her that she got it cut, but looking back at pictures there's a big difference in the craziness of it! The girl said it should be more even now and good to grow out long now.

Waiting patiently in the chair before she decided to get up and play.
 Watching Toy Story, she was determined to get into the firetruck!
 Happy camper--unlike the little boy was crying before her!

The place we went to is called Pigtails and Crewcuts and is an adorable little kids salon (although they also do adult's hair who bring kids to play in the playroom while waiting which is an awesome idea.) They have all the cute little cars and firetrucks and airplanes to sit in, as well as a ton of hairbows, clips, headbands, toys, and games to buy. 

There was a cute playroom to wait in or for siblings.

They also had a room for Princess Parties, which is a cute idea for birthdays. Apparently all the little girls have their cake and get pampered like a princess with updos, nails, pretty feather boas, dress up like princesses, etc. SO cute. (notice Must Ministries too)

We had a great experience there and although to me it was a bit pricey for just a kid's trim, they made it very special. Everyone we talked to was extremely nice and helpful. Madison did SO good, looked down when the girl asked her to and just sat there without wiggling. She got a lollipop when she got done but then wanted to go play with toys while we were trying to leave.

She was so excited about it and when I told her how pretty she looked, she kept saying, "yeah, I look pretty like a princess, I got a haircut!"

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