Monday, August 22, 2011

Madison's First Day of Preschool!

Today was a big day for Madison, as she started 2 year preschool. She will be going 2 days a week for 4 hours a day, but this first week they are easing them into it with only 2 hours a day. I had to wake her up so she was very cranky this morning and crying over everything. We left and I was surprised at all the traffic, there was a policeman directing the cars for the 3 years and up carpool line. Finally we got there and she perked up and was very excited, even with all the screaming and crying kids around. She's used to the church nursery so she did not have a problem with me leaving her at all. In fact, she did not even say bye to me! She gave me a hug and kiss in the parking lot but as soon as her teacher asked her if she wanted to come in and play, she walked right in and started coloring with some new friends. She turned around to look at me once but that was it. I got back in the car and put Landon in, and started to drive away to do some errands, and suddenly I got very emotional and lost it! Ha.

Miss Crabby, before. They provide the "backpacks" with their name, room number, and teachers' names on it. We'll be bringing a lunch next week in her new Dora lunchbox.
 Lots of fun murals!
 Being welcomed into her classroom.

When I went back to pick her up, I could see her poking her head out of the room over the gate! She kept saying "Hey Mommy! Open the gate!" Her teacher said they did great and that Madison let them know when she had to go potty. If they are potty trained, they are required to do everything by themselves (clothes, wipe, pull up clothes, flush, wash hands) and must be completely trained before age 3. She has been doing great with that so I was very happy. She's been trained for 8 months but has needed help washing her hands and all. When we left, she decided to drop everything in the hall and show me what she had made. She also told me she made a new friend named Ethan. It's always the boys! haha. We got in the car, went through the drive-thru at "Old McDonald's" and got a happy meal with another smurf that she's been collecting. She had a great day and I am so happy and proud of her!! She has such an outgoing personality so in the back of my mind I knew she would do so well! Yay for preschool!
 First one at the gate!
 Mob of 2 year olds...
 Showing me her projects. Next time they will be painting...that's why we always wear play clothes!
 So happy after a fun time! I gave her a lollipop, one of her favorites.
 To finish up a fun morning, some "Old McDonald's" for lunch.

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Katie Reeder said...

So glad she had a great day! It goes fast, huh?

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