Saturday, August 27, 2011

Landon's First Steps!

Landon has had a very eventful 11th month. Since he turned 11 months old, he is working on 4 more teeth (to double what he has), has said a few words, has had new and exciting foods, and took his first steps. He took 2 steps on Thursday and yesterday he took 4 all by himself. He typically just "dives" into whoever catches him while laughing, but managed to move his feet this time for once. He is still up on his tip toes which drives me nuts, because he does so much better balance-wise when he is flat footed and standing alone. I have seen a ton of little boys do this, and for some reason I've never seen any girls walk on their tip toes. Good news is most outgrow it pretty quickly so we will see. I already have a hard time keeping up with the kid, and now he's going to be into everything even more! I don't have a video or picture or anything because I was the one working with him, but it's exciting stuff! I do, however, have some random pictures from right after. You know I can't post without pictures...

Went out to eat right after. Representin' UGA of course, one of Mommy's alma maters. Training him right!
 So sleepy. This is what a long, exhausting day of taking 4 steps does to you, apparently.

 And a full day of goofing off with sister (and a REALLY fun blanket)

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