Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Landon is 11 Months Old!

And suddenly we are just a month away from turning 1! I can't believe how fast time flies!
 Kind of glad we are almost done with these chair pictures each month, it's getting dangerous!
Landon, you are 11 months old today! You have such a precious personality and are so sweet and cuddly, and love to lay your head down on people's chests. On the other hand, you are quite an aggressive, mischievous little kid too, getting into whatever you can find. You are your sister are partners in crime for sure, and you keep me on my toes all day! You love anything dangerous, such as outlets, power cords, little places to pinch fingers, etc. You are on the move constantly and are so, so, so fast at crawling. You have an adorable little laugh when you are attacking your sister or getting into something. Your sweet little face makes it so hard to get onto you but you are learning the word "No" much better now.

You love to read books and will go get a book when I say the word. I think I have heard you say book before too, just without the K. You are learning new things all the time and when I hand you the brush or comb you try to comb your own hair. Cutest thing ever. You are in love with bathtime still and would sit in there until you got all wrinkly. You sleep great and take good naps but have suddenly decided to get up at random times of the night lately, demanding a snack. You lean towards the chair I usually nurse you in and fuss until I sit down and feed you. We are going to have to an end to that very soon! I thought your newborn days were over! We are also about to start weaning from your paci, because both your doctor and Daddy want it gone by 12 months. This is going to be very hard on Mommy since you only use it at naptime and bedtime. (It works miracles!) You are in mostly 12 month clothes and are getting so big! You have 4 teeth now but 2 of them are missing their "partner" teeth. I think I see 4 more ready to burst through anytime now! We are not a fan of teething!

You LOVE to eat. You still eat some baby food at each meal because you still need some help feeding yourself big boy food. Not all of it makes it to your mouth, but you prefer it over baby food anytime! You have the be the messiest baby I've ever seen and you don't like being cleaned up! 
You cross your sweet little ankles even when you sleep, with your little tush in the air :)
I made Landon's first birthday invitations yesterday and am working on his slideshow. I seriously cannot believe that I will have a 1 year old and 2 year old here in a month. It's amazing how quickly time goes by with babies, especially the second. I don't remember it going by so fast with Madison. It just makes me want to savor these moments even more knowing they will be all grown up in no time!

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