Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friends' 3rd Birthday Party

Last weekend we headed out to celebrate Braelyn and Devyn's 3rd birthday party. They were adorable as usual and we had a good time playing on the playground next to the pavilion. Madison was not being her usual self and was not responding to people talking to her or playing much. She felt a little warm to me and she ended up with a fever so I guess she wasn't just being rude after all...She ended up getting what Landon had (just a cough now) but is doing better now.

Playing on the seesaw...this was the favorite with all the kids.
Landon had a blast on it too!
Mommy, stop trying to take my picture, the sun is in my eyes!

"I don't want to do it anymore!!" Gets off...5 seconds later. "I want to get on again!!" Repeat.
Little Miss Fickle.
Rough hair day.
About to eat birthday cupcakes. Madison decided she wanted to sit down near the end where all the boys were...hmmm.
Braelyn and Devyn ready to dig in. In their adorable Minnie shirts. They are no longer princesses, they are now Minnie, as they told Brad. My (his) bad.
Cupcakes and fruit and cute decor.
Yum, hot pink cupcake. This was about 60 seconds before she dropped it on the ground. Oh well.
Madison and Braelyn racing up the rock wall thing.
Their big present--Disney princess bikes! Too cute. I am seeing a possible gift idea for Madison very soon.
Because there's even a spot for your baby doll to ride in the back.
We had a great time, thanks to some great friends and their precious daughters!

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