Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Let me out!
Our little Harry Potter fan (3d glasses)
Standing big.
This is how we eat our cheerios and apple juice in this house...with a cute little foot. Yup, that's how he rolls.
Then we steal sister's chair and toys, and then have to change our shirt from all the apple juice on it.
Madison has discovered herself in the mirror lately.
Her favorite thing to do is make silly faces, though.
Her current favorite.

I also decided to go back to my roots. I've run out of time and money. Being a mom, I can't keep up with coloring my roots, it's just not that important to me. Being blonde was fun, although it's a shame it's not naturally light blonde as it was as a kid. Time to grow up I guess. I think I looked like I was 16 still anyways. So I took the typical 16 year old self portrait in the bathroom mirror...hello brown hair.

OK, explanation done. Anyways, going back a few weeks...on our way to Florida. Completely into Mickey Mouse.
Until we turned it off for naptime.
Landon likes to ride crossed-ankle style.
IHOP for supper as we got into Florida.
He was so happy to be out of the carseat.
This reminds me of that Beggin Strips commercial with the dog...BACON!!
Once we finally got in Florida near our at Publix. Brad was about to check out while I was running to get a few last minute things..I think they felt sorry for him with these crazy kids so they gave them balloons.
Just another video for fun. Maddie never counts or spells for me when I have the camera out, so this is the best I could do.

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