Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The pretty princess...fixing her car...
Sooo done for the day and ready for bed.
Lord have mercy on me if I ever have any more kids and try to grocery shop alone...just kidding, it wasn't too bad (aside from Madison "spitting" in Landon's face, yelling "Hello!! Hello!!" to the cashier over and over, Landon refusing to let go of Madison's hand and fussing if he didn't have some groceries to eat on)
Friday nights are the great grandparents' are always tough...good thing Grandpapa always has the magic touch.
Some Mexican food from Willy's...YUM
Getting into everything once again.
Pulled up to standing position by himself.
It's Madison. Does it really need an explanation?
She told me she got in the toy box so Landon wouldn't "get her." I actually believed her, because Landon actually does instigate things between the 2. He will lay on top of her and eat her face (seriously).
and he stole her cookie today when she wasn't looking.
He REALLY enjoyed it. She was happy he was eating a cookie until she realized it was hers.
Ohhhh well...
I just like taking pictures of him...

...because he's very expressive with those eyebrows.

and makes silly faces. How can I resist that?
Yes, he is awesome. So much fun. But he wears me out more than Madison does.
And that is why I love the johnny jump up, until he gets sick of it.
Madison insists on getting out her lawn mower every time Brad cuts the grass. Every single time.

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