Saturday, July 23, 2011

Landon Waving and Mama, Mama, Mama!

Landon has been able to wave and say Mama for a little while now (although he said Dada a long time ago) but I haven't gotten it on video until recently. And this isn't even the most recent. He says Mama probably 1,000 times a day it seems. It's just amazing to me the difference between boys and girls. I've heard girls tend to do things and hit milestones earlier than boys, but boys catch up quick. That is definitely the case with mine. In one week, Landon started pulling up fast, cruising down furniture, waving byebye, saying Mama, and standing by himself (for maybe a half second, so I guess that doesn't count!) But that's a lot going on in just a few days! So here he is, enjoy his cuteness. I know I do :)

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