Saturday, July 16, 2011

Landon is 10 Months Old!

Today Landon is 10 months old! Typing that just made me realize that I will need to start planning a birthday party soon, wow!

Landon, you are all over the place now, crawling, pulling up, getting into trouble! You think you are big stuff when you're standing by yourself (holding on to something). I saw you on the monitor this morning when you were supposed to be napping:
Turns out you weren't really stuck, just wanting me to get you out so you could play!

You love to point, and constantly touch things with just your little chubby index finger. Whether it's a toy, up your nose, in someone's mouth or up someone else's nose, you constantly have that finger out! See?
You are absolutely the most cuddly baby ever. You love to give kisses (well, I call them kisses but you're just sucking someone's face) and love to be held. You are still a momma's boy and pitch a fit when someone you don't know very well takes you from me. This has been a very long phase that I hope you will get over very soon! You do great when I'm not around, though. You babble a lot and are finally saying "mama" to me which sounds sooo sweet, music to my ears. You are in love with your big sister and constantly laugh at her and play with her.

You have expanded your food selection to many more finger foods rather than just baby food. You like things like bananas, noodles, pizza, mashed potatoes, brownies, cookies, green beans, spaghetti, french fries, etc. I am so glad because I am getting tired of baby food! You still only have 2 teeth at 10 months old but if your diapers and drool are any indication, I'd say you're working on several more!

You are in 9-12 month clothes and finally regained your weight back up to a little over 20 pounds. You are constantly moving and sometimes don't care to eat as much because there is too much to do! You are turning out just like your big sister. I always thought you would be the relaxed, laid back easygoing child, but you are so hyper, wiggly, and sometimes a little more feisty than her (which I didn't think was possible!) You are an absolute joy, so much fun, and I love every second with you!

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