Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July, 2011!

I am finally getting a chance to sit down and take a break and get together all of our 4th of July happenings. I've been busy cleaning the house, doing laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, and trying to take care of 2 kids at the same time while Brad has been studying and taking a test for his certifications for his job. (Which he passed with flying colors, I am so proud of him!) Needless to say, I am exhausted as we prepare for our beach trip, getting out suitcases and trying to organize things. I am packing for 4 for an entire week and am the only one to do it--I have to since Brad and I are somewhat opposites in this regard. I am the list-maker, slightly OCD do -it-way-ahead of time type person, and Brad is the last minute guy...at least we never forget anything! I am super excited!

On July 3rd, after church and naptime, we headed over to my grandparents' house for a fun cookout and celebrated my grandfather's 77th birthday. We spent some time outside, played a little pool, and danced to their old jukebox. Madison had a blast dancing.

After that, we had a wonderful, yet crazy, slightly interesting evening in Kennesaw. It was Landon's first 4th of July (well, on the 3rd) so that was fun. The fireworks scared him a little at first but then he just sat there staring at them, entertained somewhat. Madison was the same, a little timid at first but then started yelling out all the colors she saw and having a blast. We had gone with my parents, "Aunt" Cheryl, a friend of ours from church, and were meeting up with a bunch of other people from our church. We parked, walked around and around, finally made it through the tunnel on the other side of the railroad tracks, when it started thundering, lightning and raining like crazy. A mob began to form in the tunnel and people were trying to go opposite ways...pretty soon people were getting angry and yelling and I was seriously getting a little scared, especially with my 2 little ones and my poor dad hauling around our double stroller (that the kids decided they didn't want to ride in, surprise). After the six of us were standing under Cheryl's blanket in the pouring rain, we finally met up with Brad and found our church friends. We were completely soaked but the rain cooled things off at least. The fireworks started within a few minutes and they were really good! Of course we sat in traffic trying to get out of there and got home super late, but it was fun.

Madison is hammin it up at usual in this video:
On July 4th, we started off with a yummy blue ice pop thing. I remember having these as a kid when we visited missionary friends in Belize...it was blazing hot down there and they tasted so good after playing and jumping on the trampoline all day. Madison seemed to enjoy hers pretty well.

We then had a pretty lazy day. Landon decided he wanted to start getting into things more and more, and pull up on whatever he can find.
After naps, we got ready and headed to the Marietta fireworks. After searching for a place to park, we finally found one without having to pay! We got out, got the kids in the double stroller, and headed to get some pizza for supper. As soon as we got to the Marietta Square with all the big jumpy things for kids, the storm rolled in. They announced a severe thunderstorm warning over the loud speaker. People started running and I thought, Oh no, another angry mob! But it didn't happen and we got to the car before it started raining too much.
 1st attempt
 2nd attempt
 3rd attempt
 Scary sky!

We sat in the car, fed Landon some supper, and Madison buckled Barbie in her carseat several times. She then decided to sit up front and play with the radio and windshield wipers. All patriotic. Her shirt says "Little Miss Firecracker." So fitting. You can't tell but she had on matching blue star earrings, and we somehow lost her bow she was going to wear so I had to improvise at the last minute and make it myself. Good thing I had some white ribbon, alligator clips, and a glue gun on hand.

Landon was sporting his cool American guitar shirt. The little guy looks good in any color, but especially red I think.

After trying to wait on the storm, we decided to go get something to eat since we were starving. Arby's was calling our name, and Madison was excited.

Landon was just happy to have some finger food and french fries. Apparently it's fun to just leave food hanging out of our mouth.

We headed home after that, and it was still raining and storming at our house so we just put the kids to bed since it was late. I felt horrible not doing fireworks on the 4th, but we had at least done them on the 3rd. So today we did some cheap sparklers. Madison liked them, then didn't seem too impressed, but then kept begging for more.

 Landon just watched in amusement.

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