Saturday, July 30, 2011

Atlanta Zoo

Yesterday was my 25th (ugh) birthday and we had a great day celebrating. I decided I wanted to do something fun for the weekend so we decided on the zoo. Madison is obsessed with animals so we knew she'd have a blast. Her favorites were the elephants and pandas, but she said she liked the tiger too. She kept asking to go see the tiger and then insisted on riding on a tiger on the carousel. She also loved petting the goats and playing on the playground. We went through the entire zoo and both kids were so worn out that they each fell asleep in the car almost immediately. It was a hot day (around 92 degrees) but was still fun! Madison had a blast and Landon had fun just looking around.
This little goat literally popped his face up out of nowhere to see Madison...startled her a bit but she loved it!
Insisted on a tiger!
Within a few minutes of leaving...a quiet car.
But a little snack from Checkers when we got close to home woke her good!

A few videos of our adventures...

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