Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday + 27 Months

I just realized I never did a post for Madison turning 27 months old, but at this point there's not much to update. She is so big and smart that I couldn't update everything. You can have a normal conversation with her like an adult, she understands and comprehends practically everything. As a summary, her favorite thing to eat is ice cream, favorite thing to watch is Dora or Diego, and favorite thing to do is play outside or in the pool. I also saw that her last 2 baby teeth, her top 2 year molars were coming in on Monday. We finally have all 20 baby teeth!

OK I obviously take way too many pictures, so I've had to cut back and delete some...but here are some recent ones leftover.

Little miss dragon

She looks so sweet and innocent.
But she really is the most precious 2 year old ever.
Slightly obsessed with growling/roaring, etc. BIG personality :)
Can you tell we were bored?

Mmm cheese...
This was Madison's request for breakfast one morning...broccoli with cheese melted on top. Yes, she ate it for breakfast.
Eggs and cheese
Funny kid!

Calling the birds she saw.
Flapping her wings.
Landon got the one and only famous "Sophie" the Giraffe. Other moms swear by it. He loves it so far (once Maddie quit stealing it.)

I'd have to say Madison's favorite food as of right now is ice cream. I was tired of her eating all mine so she got her own cup. She ate every last bite before we even got home.
Landon doing some pulling up, even if it is in big sister's chair.
Jill, a good friend and mom I work with in the church nursery, brought Madison some tutus. She's in love with them! Thanks Jill. Jill has loved on my babies and taken good care of them since they were both itty bitty.
Leopard print one :)
She will stay in the bathtub alllll day long.
Princess Ariel nightgown with matching slippers from Grandmommy. We like to wear it all day too...

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