Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A few random updates...

Both kids are all better, back to 100%. Landon was still having major diarrhea, which had been going on for 6-8 weeks total...at first we thought teething, because he got his first 2 teeth, then he got the virus, but then after that went away, he kept having it. We were brainstorming to try to figure out what was causing it when my mom asked me how long I had been on the mini-pill...turns out that's right about when his diarrhea started! So I quit taking it and he is sooo much better. Not completely back to normal but such an improvement. I had gotten desperate to figure it out when his diaper rash started bleeding...terrible. I looked it up as much as I could and I never found anything about it causing diarrhea in breastfed babies. He may be the only one, but I am going to at least let my midwife know. Just to make anyone else taking it out there aware! His diaper rash literally cleared up in a day or two.

Madison finally got her appetite back, and she is eating like I have never seen her eat before!! My little girl that usually eats like a little bird is eating constantly. I guess she is going through a growth spurt because she has gained almost 2 pounds since she was sick. She lost a little, but now she is pushing 25 pounds, whoah! ha. Landon on the other hand, lost a pound while he was sick. I knew Madison wasn't going to let little brother catch up to him ;) Landon's appetite is finally back now too.

First breastfeeding woe with Landon--he decided to be a piranha for a day with his new sharp little teeth. Ouch. Twice in 1 day, EXACT same spot. Drew blood both times. Can I say OUCH again? Little booger. The most pitiful part is when I told him no and tapped his little cheek, he stuck out that bottom lip and cried both times. Good news, he hasn't really done it since. Bad news, I'm still healing. Pumping is out of the question, that would hurt like crazy. He refuses a shield, he knows it isn't the real thing and just takes it off. It hurts too much to nurse him like normal, so I am having to start on the other side, then feed him on the hurt side using the football hold. Still hurts, but not as bad. It seems to be better, but I can't just stop feeding him on that side until it heals--I don't want to get mastitis like I did with Madison. I went through every possible problem nursing her at the beginning, then loved it and happily did it an entire year, so I know I can get through this with him. I think I'd cry if I had to wean him already, I love doing it. Plus I absolutely refuse to give him formula.

My brother's wedding is next week! So excited. My children will finally have an aunt. Brad is going to be helping doing sound, I am a bridesmaid, and Madison is going to be the flower girl...Landon will just sit there and look studly like normal. I'm a little nervous about Madison, since she is at such an unpredictable age. Good news is it's going to be a more relaxed wedding, and my brother said they don't care if she makes a scene-should be humorous.

Landon is now mobile! I am now chasing 2 kids, and I keep having to remind myself I can't put him down, leave the room, and expect him to be in the same spot. He drags himself with his arms and 1 leg...but he can crawl for a minute then lays down. Crazy kid. He is into exploring EVERYTHING.


Katie Reeder said...

Can't wait to see you next weekend! Landon and Bennett can finally meet!

Erin said...

Aww yay, glad we will see you!! I can't wait to for them to meet, we will have to get all 5 boys to meet one day too! :)

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