Friday, June 3, 2011

Sweet Summertime

Summertime is my FAVORITE time of year...I love the heat (as opposed to super cold). Well OK I love Spring and Fall too...just not a fan of Winter. I'm too cold-natured. But summertime brings warm days, more daylight, crickets chirping, going to the beach (yay, soon!), and of course my birthday. Well I don't really care so much about that anymore! ha. Anyways we don't have a neighborhood pool and we can't go to my grandparents neighborhood pool everyday so I bought Madison and Landon a cute little pool from Target. Our pool from last year got nasty from leaving it out (Brad forgot to put it away-yes I blame him hehe) so we had to buy another. This one has a wading pool, a slide, a ring toss game, and the little palm trees are sprinklers. Too cute. And pretty awesome for the 2 year old.
Loving the new ruffle bikini.

Landon didn't care for the cold water. So we had to warm it up, plus it hadn't been in the sun all day yet. So he just sat there looking cute. See how blonde his hair is getting? Crazy kid was born with a ton of dark hair...
So that was what we did today to try to get back to normal and feel better :) (SEE PREVIOUS POST!)
Oh and I finished sewing Maddie another dress. Hobby Lobby always has some cute fabric. It cost me no more than about $2 to make...I am truly cheap!

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