Friday, June 3, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick (Warning--TMI for some)

My babies have all been under the weather here lately, to say the least. We are thinking Madison picked up something from the playground Saturday evening, because she was throwing up around midnight later on. After several bouts of throwing up, screaming, and diarrhea later, she seemed much better on Sunday. We had spent a lot of quality time together in front of the potty. I was already tired of changing sheets, washing  laundry, and disinfecting everything she touched. Monday rolled around, and we had plans to go to the pool with my family. Madison ended up sleeping all morning, acting very lethargic, staring into space, and not even responding to us. She threw up and had diarrhea again and our main goal was to keep her hydrated. She only had a slight fever so we let it run its course. She always gets sick around holidays, so of course our regular pediatrician wasn't open. She ended up staying home with Daddy while I went to the pool. Landon had a blast and kicked like a little doggy in the water (once he got used to it!)
The next morning Madison slept in, however before I went to bed, I checked on Landon and discovered he had thrown up everywhere in his crib and all over himself, even in his hair :( It was the most pitiful thing. We got him up, changed his sheets and I wiped him down and changed him. He sat on the changing table, continuing to throw up but tried his hardest to smile at me while he did it! Poor sweet boy! He never cried or fussed once. That has been it so far for him, he spit up a little bit later on but has just had diarrhea ever since. He has been nursing a lot which I'm sure has helped him, getting a good boost to his immune system from the breast milk. However, Brad suddenly got sick too and laid in bed most of the day. Madison then got up, stared into space for awhile, then fell asleep on the floor soon after getting up. That was it for me, she was definitely not acting like her usual hyper 2 year old chatterbox self! By the grace of God our pediatrician had an opening within the hour so I got Landon down for his nap and took off with Madison. She laid on my lap the whole time, but did great. She definitely has a little virus so the doctor prescribed Zofran for her and Brad's nausea and Culturelle probiotics (for all of us to take). He said the virus has probably passed and her main goal was to get hydrated and keep food down. She was pretty dehydrated, and had she been more dehydrated, she would have needed to go to the hospital and get an IV put in. Thank goodness she wasn't. After the doctor, I headed to fill her prescription and pick up some Gatorade and crackers. I got a text from Brad asking me to hurry home...poor Landon had diarrhea all over his crib and in the process of changing him, Brad threw up. We got home, got medicine in both kids and in Brad, and everyone went to sleep. Later on Madison woke up, got upset about something and cried so hard she threw up again. She was lethargic for awhile and slept for awhile again, and so of course I was flipping out that nothing was working and was ready to take her back to the doctor. I woke her up after a few hours, got her to drink a lot of Gatorade, eat some crackers, and she suddenly perked up. I have never been so happy to hear her little voice going like crazy! She played and ran around, ate some soup, got a bath with Landon, and begged for pigtails in her hair before bed. Ha! Brad is much better too, so I am so thankful for a much healthier family. So I did more laundry and cleaned some more...getting rid of this virus for good!

Falling asleep scary. Poor baby girl.
SO much better now. All clean and fed and ready for bed!
Everyone is doing much better, not quite 100%, but SO much better. Poor Grandmommy is still having lots of nausea though...she caught it too so we've shared some medicine with her. Can't wait for us all to be back to normal!

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