Thursday, May 26, 2011

My New Teefies!

A week ago today, little Landon decided to sprout some teeth for the very first time! Yup, at 8 months old, he finally got 2 teeth (where sister had her first 2 at 4 months old). This was last week, they have come in even more since.
They're pretty cute but man, his diapers have been rough. Here we are, a week after they broke through and we're still having nasty diapers (I will leave out the details but you can imagine). I'm sure many more are right behind them. Because of the teething pain, we used Orajel stuff but Landon still had a hard time it seemed. He was also a little sick and congested at the same time, so he had a hard time laying down to even nurse. I had to bust out the ol' torture device pump for a couple of mid-day feedings but luckily I only had to do it twice. He is back to nursing like a champ. That's my boy.

Here, however, is him trying to figure out a bottle-I think he was upset that I dare give him something like that in place of the real thing..oh well, not my fault!
 Wait a minute, this is plastic...
 Maybe if I turn it this way...
 OK, maybe the trick is straightening my legs!
 Big sister trying to help...well, she doesn't have much experience either. She breastfeeds her babies too.
 That's better!
 Fun times.

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